Buying A Kiln

Things to consider when purchasing a kiln:
• Internal size – firing chamber
• External size (will it fit the space you have? does the kiln fit through the doorways?)
• Single or three phase power available to site/cost of three phase power installation
• Weight of kiln (consider flooring material and kiln stand)
• Position of kiln (studio/classroom/storeroom/shed/verandah)
• Limitations on size of kiln (budget/building/power/size of doorways)
• Maximum firing temp required 1100°C or 1300°C
What type of computerised controller do you need?
• Who will operate the kiln – single or multiple users?
• Storage of programs required – who will be responsible for setting the programs?
• Are you fitting controller to new/old kiln, or are you setting one controller up to use on multiple kilns (transferable)?
What type of Kiln Vent System (this is not a hood and fan) do you need?
• Extraction from top/bottom of kiln?
• Where will fumes go – outdoors? Ceiling cavity? Other?
• Is the kiln system in a classroom/studio or separate room?
• Is there an existing extraction device
• Extraction using an independent hood/fan above the kiln (at what height? with what size hood? can it be used on the new kiln?)
How will the Kiln/Extractor be installed
• Current power on site: single/three phase?
• Size of entrances to kiln area? Where will the delivery vehicle park?
• Floor material in kiln room (concrete/timber)?
• Quote by electrician
• Door opening directions – hinges are on the left hand side.
• Extraction via roof/floor/wall – what building works are necessary? Consult a plumber and electrician.
• Have you allowed storage for raw, bisqued, awaiting glazing and finished fired ware in the kiln area?
What kiln furniture do you need?
• Size of kiln interior vs. kiln shelf stack (no. of shelves)
• 3 props per shelf – what height/spaces?
• Cut full large shelves into ½ shelves for easy loading? And healthy backs?
• How many shelves? What thickness? Max firing temps?
• Compulsory: One thicker shelf on the kiln floor to protect the soft brickwork/fibre board.
• Batt wash all shelves
How will your kiln be delivered?
• Access times/assistance with unloading – people, unlocking, truck close to kiln site etc.
• Impediments to delivery of kiln (stairs/gravel/easy truck access to site/distance/etc.)
• Country/interstate delivery
• Crane truck/forklift/hand jack required