Designing your pottery studio is very exciting and a little forward planning will be very beneficial when you are ready to consider setting up . A pottery studio will require some investments, but once you have the equipment it should last for many years with very minimal maintenance,

Before you begin purchasing equipment and tools, you will need to determine where you will be able to set up your new Studio. Some questions to consider would be:

·       Do I want to make wheel thrown pots or just do hand building?

·       Do I have a place to put a kiln and if so, is there an adequate power supply to the location?

If hand building is the only thing you want to do, an extra room in your house or a corner of the garage would be an ideal place to set up a small studio. All that would be required would be enough space for a work table, a small electric kiln and a shelf to keep your work in progress and some tools on.

For a wheel throwing studio, you will need a little more space to have a wheel, a work table, a clay storage area, (ideally under the work table), shelves to keep your work on, a sink with running water, and a a tool storage area.

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