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Kilns for Schools

We have a range of kilns that are perfect for secondary and primary schools. Simple designs utilise hard wearing components and high quality materials to assure long trouble-free service.

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Hobby Kilns

Our ceramics experts can help you unlock your creative potential with our range of hobby kilns.  With kilns designed to simply plug in to house power and can easily be moved to suit changing situations.

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Community Groups

We are the prefered supplier for community groups becasue we offer support from selection, instalation and onwards for as long as you require our assistance.  From kiln selection to running workshops. 

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Our Kilns

Pottery Kilns Australia is all about kilns! We understand the excitement and the anxiety involved in the decision to purchase a new kiln.

With over 40years experience supplying kilns, our experts can advise on what kiln is best for you.

Pottery Wheels

We don’t reinvent the wheel, we supply them! Talk to our experts about which wheel will best fit your needs.
Wheter you’re looking to fit out your art class or just starting out. We will match your skill level, speed, available space and what you want to create.

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Kiln Venting System Information

Kiln Venting System Information

The Pottery Place Pottery Kilns Australia potteryplace1@bigpond.com Mob: 0488008922 KILN VENTING SYSTEMS Built to industrial standards so you can expect years of efficient use. Air and fume flowpaths are aerodynamically designed to obtain maximum efficiency. We can...

The History of Kilns and Firing

The History of Kilns and Firing

  From Bonfires to Kilns After Man had learned to make a fire, it didn't take long before he discovered that anything made of clay became permanently hard after being in a hot bonfire for some time. Communities all over the world learned to make pots and fire...

Firing Tips

Firing Tips

Underfired or immature bisque. Most often the bisque is fired to a cone 03 or 04. The glaze firing is generally fired 1 or 2 cones cooler, 05 or 06. If the bisque has not been fired completely through, gases will escape from the immature bisque causing small pinholes,...

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Two of our emerging ceramic artists, Nancy Wilson and Karen Chong, went to Debbie’s studio for an intensive week’s workshop.

Debbie is our prefered ceramics consultant Mirndiyan Gununa

Mornington Island Cultural Centre

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